Buying a Home Is Possible

Buying a house is scary. There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that you do not have enough money for a down payment. You may think that there is no way you will be able to afford a mortgage payment every month. All of these things may stop you from purchasing a home and force you to continue to rent. On this series, Move in a Minute, I show you real people in your area who can prove to you that it IS possible. 


Meet Grace: a single mother who was looking to buy a home, but was fearful. She saw a house online and reached out to me to view it and that is where our journey together began. Grace felt mentally ready to become a homeowner, but didn’t feel financially ready to buy a house. After looking at a few houses we were able to find one that was perfect for her and the real discussion about buying began. 

In Norfolk, there is an extremely helpful program that not many people are aware of and even fewer people utilize. When eligible, this program offers to pay for 10% of your down payment, which is all you need to purchase a home, and does not ask you to pay the money back if you remain living in the home for a certain length of time. Programs like this are so useful in the buying process and can help people who are in the same mindset as Grace. 


After Grace decided to put her trust into me, and into the program, the paperwork process was extremely quick. She was able to stop renting and purchase the home she wanted.


Now, for the daunting task of a mortgage…Grace was open to the idea of a duplex from the very beginning, and actually ended up purchasing one! Since she has a legal duplex, she is allowed to rent the other portion to a tenant, which she has taken advantage of and now only has to pay for half of her mortgage! Having the flexibility to have a tenant is what helped Grace go from a renter herself, to a homeowner. 


Moral of the story is, with the right team of people behind you, you can make any situation work. I should know because I’m a dad, and dads know best! If you have any questions regarding the program, or anything else real estate related, I’m your guy. Thank you for watching!

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    • Tabatha, You do still need to be approved for a mortgage to cover the other 90% of the purchase price. Have you spoken with a mortgage professional yet to start this process?

    • Krista, the process is not complex but does need to be done in a specific order. The first step is to meet with a mortgage professional to see what type of a mortgage you would be approved for. If you would like I can direct to a few great ones I personally use.