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How to Encourage Farm to Table Healthy Eating for Kids in Norfolk: Meadow Lynn Market Garden

One of my favorite places to take my family is Meadow Lynn Farms. Meadow Lynn Farms is a multi-generational family run farm and today I want to introduce you to Sarah Judd who manages the Meadow Lynn Market Garden. She provides families like mine and yours fresh, delicious and healthy produce. Everything they sell is grown on the farm.

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Down on the Farm with my Family

While visiting the farm, I recently chatted with Sarah Judd. She offered insight into her farm and passion for vegetables and agriculture.

The Farm

Meadow Lynn Market Garden is grown on reclaimed land. The field where the vegetables are grown was once a hay field for over 20 years. Most of the vegetables farmed are grown in permanent beds. Sarah is proud to point out that the gardens are pesticide-free and the seed for the market garden is not treated and is non-GMO. Sarah uses nutrient rich compost from her dairy barns to help fertilize the soil.

Veggie Box Program

Sarah’s farm offers an exciting opportunity to the community through her Veggie Box Program. The program provides subscribers the ability to eat and enjoy fresh, seasonally-grown veggies. Meadow Lynn Market Garden grows 30 types of vegetables. There are 8-12 different vegetable varieties in the box. The Veggie Box program runs yearly from June to October. You can purchase a weekly or bi-weekly Veggie Box for the season.


Sarah’s love of vegetables and agriculture helps bring agriculture awareness to the community and Norfolk. She teaches seasonal eating and holds events and workshops on her farm. Sarah encourages Veggie Box subscribers to pick and harvest vegetables with their family while learning about different vegetable species.

My family and I regularly visit Meadow Lynn Market Garden. They provide a wonderful farm experience for my children. I am excited to have my kids learn about and enjoy the benefits of healthy eating habits. Next time you’re looking for healthy food options, connect with the community and visit Meadow Lynn Market Garden.

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