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Kid Friendly Tips for your Next Home Purchase

If you have kids or are about to have kids, I have some great tips on what home features you should consider before your next home purchase. I recently recruited my kids to highlight what kid and family friendly features we have in our own home. 

Nick Thompson Norfolk Real Estate Dad

Front Entry Way/Storage

A large front entry way is a welcoming feature to any home. It’s important to have lots of storage in your foyer. Having a lot of storage makes for easy access to coats, shoes, boots, and all other outerwear. In my home, we have a bench with deep drawers that goes under the staircase. Our entryway is clutter free.

Panoramic View

A great feature to have is an open view of your kids from your kitchen or workspace. Being able to keep an eye on your kids is important. It also lets you interact with them while you cook dinner.

Fenced in Back Yard

Having a fenced in backyard gives privacy and security. You can let your kids or pets out without fear of them roaming about the neighborhood. My wife and I recently had a new fence installed. The posts are horizontal. The fence has a modern look and we love it, however, my kids quickly turned it into a climbing wall! This is something you will want to take into account if you install a fence.


Hardwood floors are beautiful. Their beauty quickly fades with the wear and tear kids make on them. Instead of hardwood floors, consider LVP. LVP is short for Luxury Vinyl Plank. LVP is water proof, scratch proof and basically kid proof. It is a click laying floor that anyone can install.

Closet Wall

If you have closets between your bedroom wall and your kids’ bedroom wall, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of privacy. They won’t hear you and you’ll be less disturbed by their noisy or loud playing.

Enjoying your home with your family is a wonderful feeling. Your home should be a welcoming and comfortable place to raise family. Having a home that fits your family and lifestyle will make your happy home even happier.

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