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The Best Blueberry Picking Farm: Powell’s Patch Blueberries

It’s the end of summer, school is starting back up, and you’re searching for a fun activity for you and your family to do on your last few free days…well I have the perfect place for you! On my most recent episode of Norfolk Real Estate Dad, I take you to Powell’s Patch Blueberries and speak with the owner and operator, Cara, about why her patch should be your number one pick!

Cara’s parents bought the land from her grandparents about 40 or so years ago with the intentions of making it a beautiful place for friends and family to spend time together and take in nature. Cara and her husband bought the company from her parents in December of 2017 with hopes of carrying on the Powell Patch Blueberries tradition and that, she has definitely done.


There are a lot of options when it comes to blueberry picking, but there are even more reasons why Powell’s should be your top choice. Not only is the land absolutely breathtaking wherever you turn, but there’s a multitude of animals for you and your children to interact with. My children spent time admiring the pigs, horses, goats, ducks, and chickens! They absolutely loved it, and my wife and I enjoyed seeing them learn and interact with the animals. 


There is plenty of space to sit down and relax, maybe even bring a picnic to enjoy with your family. You can eat and spend quality family time together while taking in the picturesque farm life. After a fun day picking, playing, and petting, you can head to the lake nearby for even more fun. My family and I won’t even go anywhere else for berry picking because we love Powell’s so much!


Cara’s love for animals is what inspired her to maintain so many animals on site. She says she was always saving any animal she could, and even grew up with a horse and pony of her own to care for! Now, she says, her children have the same love of animals as she does! The animals have always been a part of the farm, there for everyone to love, and it truly makes the entire experience unforgettable. 


The people, the animals, and the place itself will have you and your family leaving with smiles on your faces, not to mention, the berries are delicious. So, next time you are in the area and looking for something to do, head on over to Powell’s Patch Blueberries for a berry fun time! 

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