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The Best Creative Program for Kids in Norfolk: Art With Heart

Do you want to nurture your child’s artistic side, but have trouble drawing stick figures?  If you’ve got the next Leonardo DaVinci on your hands but aren’t sure how to cultivate their budding talent, we’ve got an amazing place for you – and it’s right here in Port Dover!  On this Family First episode of Dad Knows Best, I’m heading to Art With Heart Studio to chat with owners Nikki and Leanne of Norfolk County.  We’ll get an inside look at how Art With Heart supports kids and their families in the community, all while providing a supportive, positive and inclusive environment.

Nikki saw a need in the community for a place where kids could explore their creative process.  4 years ago, her passion project turned in to a real business, and Art With Heart Studio was created.  Her beginnings were humble: with no background in business but a fierce passion for creativity, Nikki started a small youth theater company with just 7 cast members.  As the program grew, Art With Heart began to include painting and visual arts and even expanded to a small studio in Nikki’s grandmother’s cabin.  As their popularity continued to grow, the studio moved to its current location at 518 Main Street here in Port Dover.  Nikki’s friend and business partner Leanne has always been involved in the background, but she was able to take on a full-time role last year.  Now with a strong team, Art With Heart has been able to grow and expand to reach more kids in the community.

Nikki and Leanne do an amazing job of personally connecting with all of the kids that come in to Art With Heart.  By engaging with them on their level, the atmosphere is fun and welcoming and creates a space that supports the kids on their artistic journeys.  Nikki and Leanne’s positive attitude, along with brightly colored paintings lining the wall and a variety of art supplies, makes this studio a vibrant and fun place for the kids to come and spend their time.  Programs range from after-school classes to summer and day camps, where the students can explore their creativity using a variety of mediums.  Art With Heart also offers drama programs for a variety of skill levels, with every class featuring a good dose of silliness and fun to help the students get comfortable with acting and performing.

In addition to their art and drama programs, Nikki and Leanne also offer special events for both kids and adults.  Birthday parties, paint nights, and private and corporate events can be hosted at the studio for a memorable artsy experience that none of your guests will forget.   If you want to explore your creative side right here in Norfolk County, Art With Heart is the place for you.  You can find all about their programs by visiting their website and Facebook pages; your kids will love the memories they make and the artwork they create, and that kind of joy is priceless.

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