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The Hottest New Development In Simcoe: Westwood Trails

Is your home in desperate need of an upgrade?  Are you stuck in the 80’s with outdated appliances and worn out fixtures, but don’t want to deal with hassle of a huge remodel?  If that sounds like you, then it’s time to buy new! On this episode of Dad Knows Best, we’re taking you to a brand new development right here in Simcoe, Ontario called Westwood Trails.  You’ll want to snag one of these bungalow-style townhomes early to get the best deals, and we’re going to show you how!

Located off of Fern Avenue, Westwood Trails is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by farmland and forests on the west side of town.  While the site isn’t much to look at yet, therein lies the opportunity: the earlier you get in on these great homes, the more discounts, upgrades and incentives you’ll enjoy.  With 71 units planned, early birds will get their pick of the best lots and home plans to match their needs and tastes.  The single road entrance to access this development essentially creates a gated community, offering safety and privacy for all of its residents.

Built by Sinclair Homes, a company in business for over 40 years, all Westwood Trails homes are Energy Star Certified to provide a healthier environment and save on utility costs for the homeowner.  Sparing no expense and not skimping on quality, Sinclair Homes includes amenities like stone counter tops and full-sized stainless-steel KitchenAid appliances as the standard for every unit.  Westwood Trails’ showroom displays the variety of options available for your counter tops, flooring, cabinetry, hardware and many other details that you can customize for your perfect home.  You won’t have to worry about repainting, repairing, or upgrading an older house; these amazing units will come brand new just the way you want them!

Sinclair Homes also offers a variety of layout choices, from 1140 sq. ft. to 1712 sq. ft. with single and double car garages, basements, and lofts available depending on the plan chosen.  Homes start at $359,900 with an added bonus: these brand new units will eliminate the worry of maintenance, repairs and remodeling and will give you peace of mind in your new space.  Since these units are freehold townhomes (unlike traditional condos), you’ll own the house and land you’re living on but have the convenience of grass and road maintenance with a small fee.

Itching to check our Westwood Trails and see if these new home would be the right fit for you? Check out the showroom here in Simcoe, or visit their website to get all the information you need about the amenities and features of these gorgeous units.  When you buy through the Norfolk Real Estate Dad in the first phase of development, you’ll also receive up to $5,000 off a premium lot that backs into an open field, and you’ll get the opportunity to be the first to access the model home coming in June.  Those who buy before seeing the model home will get additional upgrades included as standard, totaling between $10,000 and $15,000 in extras.

Be sure to mention me when you visit Westwood Trails’ sales office to take advantage of this special deal, and we’ll also throw in an exclusive Dad Closing Gift of your choice.  If you want a ready-to-move-in dream home without having to do the heavy lifting yourself, contact me today and we’ll get you moved in by the end of the year!

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